I started this trip with other 4 friends in evening, to the Suryalanka Beach, Guntur. We started by 9 PM and by 5 AM we reached Bapatla. On road, there was almost null traffic, may be because we were travelling in night. On the way, you can find lot of Dhaba’s opened 24×7 where we had our dinner. At one restaurant, waiter comes to us for the order and he was all talking about Biryani, Plain Rice, Rabbit meat, this curry and that curry. Then I called him, and asked if we can get Seahorse Soup or not! At first, he dint get what I am talking about, later on, he got to know its kind of soup, then he was very sorry to me by saying that “No sir, we unfortunately don’t have it at the moment”. That guy could not recognize that I am joking, and Β there is no such soup available except in China πŸ˜€

From there we continued our journey to Suryalanka Beach, Bapatla, via Guntur. It was the first time for me to get in front of a Sea Shore, & I was excited to the core. However, soon after reaching Suryalanka Beach, We could not get that climax, since it was dark & I was hardly seeing tides.

On the very entrance, things were way too clumsy. There were wrappers all around covering that particular area. We decided to move 1-2 km left to the beach and set up our camp there. We also did not want the disturbance in early morning by fishermen and other local people. So you have to consider that Suryalanka Beach is not that maintained and hence, you need to move left or right πŸ˜€

Suryalanka Beach

We were not planning to sleep as we all were waiting to get a sight of Sun Rise on the beach for the very first time. Where ever you go, this time use to be the best time to capture the scenic nature in your camera and admire it as much you can. I have heard that at a particular moment, sea gets all red when sunrise use to be at very initial stage. But I believe I missed that moment, though overall environment was refreshing.

Sunrise at Suryalanka Beach

Finally, it was morning and we could see people working around us, setting up their fish nets, preparing boats etc.

Locals over there were little curious about we people. I have no idea if this was the first time anyone camping there or reason was something else. When I headed with my friend to get breakfast, few of fishermen asked us about what we have been doing here, and why there is a tripod. I believe, they misunderstood us as media reporters πŸ˜€ . Now the point is, what were they afraid of?

FIshing at Suralanka Beach

But these people were not that conservative as I thought in the beginning, in-spite, few of them were very friendly.

While I was taking pictures, one of them, asked me to take a picture of only and only him. He could be thinking that his picture will come up on tomorrow morning’s newspaper. Well, I should have told him about this blog, so he could see here, not in the newspaper πŸ˜€

Suryalanka Beach

After Breakfast, we decided to get clothes off and get into the see. Tides were not that high & water was not clear unlike in Goa, but who cares. Only thing I was afraid of was the Crabs. All the time I was thinking what if I get one under my feet. On the sea shore, we could see thousands of Little Crabs forming holes and getting into the sand.

Suryalanka Beach

I encountered the bigger one while swimming, though it was just a soft touch with them, but that was breath taking.

I really don’t know if they were sharks or something else. My friend said that these are dolphins. But I really have a good idea about differentiating Dolphins out of Sharks. I have no idea what they were but I could clearly see the spine getting out of the water and then in. However, the tail was not really matching to any Shark Thing, nor the actions. It was getting out and in, whereas sharks swims constantly at a level keeping their spine wing outside, if they are near the sea shore.

Well, let that be anything, but it could not make us go further into the see.

Next part was amazing. We got ready to play football with a volleyball. Well, this may sound weird but it was fun.

Since, I only had Dosa, my energy level went down soon after 3,4 kicks πŸ˜€ . Later we got two fishes from market, we cooked them our-self, taste was not bad though, but I was wondering why this whisky is tasting that weird now!

Suryalanka Beach

Overall we had too much fun except the very last part. That was a major twist in the journey. It wont be good to write about it over here, but if you are way much excited, you can write to me πŸ˜€

My best experience at Suryalanka Beach Beach was with:

  • Football/Volleyball
  • Swimming Deep into the tides
  • Sunrise
  • Woodfire
  • The Ending Twist