I got a chance to visit a small town in Warangal District last week. It was all of a sudden plan and we set up the things in the evening. I was expecting to go by Bike but I dint know that my friend wont bring it and we have to go by Bus. Well, I shouted at him twice, and he was trying to cover up things by offering a luxury bus for the travel. We missed the bike anyhow, now I was hoping for a luxury bus, which my friend said that we will be going in. Well we got one, and on the name of luxury, we had seats to sit 😀


However, we reached the bus stand by night 10:00 PM and from there we boarded an auto straight to the village. His relatives were very kind to me and I was very new to them 😀 with “Over-the-top moustache. Till midnight, all were sitting together, chit-chatting. Soon later, we went to sleep with a plan to go out early morning to try “Kallu” (Palm Wine).

Waking up early morning, we started moving in the fields. Uncle had already contacted a person who sells palm wine. Once we reached there, we prepared ourself in line to sit and have it. That person served everyone with a leaf, which was quite new thing to me. It tastes not really bad, a bit sweet.


It is said to have palm Wine (Kallu) early morning, before sunrise. If taken before sunrise, it tastes much better and acts healthy for the body. The time we had it was 10:00 AM.
I have no idea if it was some time conflict or something else. But it got stuck in mind just like weed. I dint like it and nor even thinking about having it again. good thing is that I finally tried it.
While getting back, we din’t encounter some good views except Bongiri Fort. Below are some snaps taken while getting back to Hyderabad.