This is going to be a long trek story which lasted for 5 days. Along with my brother, we started the trip from Pathankot city & reached Bhagsunath via McLeodganj by late night for trekking Triund. Spending nightย in a hotel, by morning, we could actually come up with a view of area around from the room including the peak view of Triund.


Our first plan was to visit Bagsunag Waterfall. It was not that far but only few kilometres. Going through the main market & Bagsunag Shiv Temple, within an hour we reached the Bagsunag Waterfall.

Bagsunath Shiv Temple
Bagsunag Shiv Temple
mini waterfall
Before I could reach waterfall, nature gave me a preview

And to be honest, this preview totally replicated the original one. Since it was hot summer, water level declined massively over there which resulted in a very thin water pipe falling from the top of hill.

Bagsunath Waterfall
Bagsunag Waterfall

As you can see yourself, it was not much to see. Our next plan was to trek the Triund & we found out that one way goes straight from this waterfall to the Triund. Since we were already at waterfall, we chose the closer way.

Basically, there are two ways to travel the Triund. Once is from Dharamkot & another from this waterfall. If you wish to travel through the Dharamkot, you can easily board a taxi from Bagsunag & then travel the rest of way to Triund.

Second way which leads from waterfall is the hard one. At the time of travel, we did not know how hard it could be, but now I know & writing it for you ๐Ÿ˜€

Moment we kick-started from waterfall, time was around 2 PM, however weather was much cloudy & cold. The tough track was still OK for we people.

trekking triund

In the middle somewhere, I encountered a man who was traveling upwards. We asked him about the road & how long it could take to reach Triund. His reply left us helpless, the way he answered.

For me, it will take 2 hours but for you may be 5-6 hours

This was harassing though. It took us more couple of hours to reach a place where we could see the only house on the hill. Little exhausted, I knew that it wont be possible to make it on same day. So, we asked the man who was busy building a shop for himself beside his home. Again when we asked him about "How long more?", he came up with 4-5 hours. This was the time to give up for the day & ask him again for possibilities for us to stay around.

  • Me: Uncle ji, yaha ruk sakte hain aaj ke liye
  • Him: Haanji kyu nahi. Aap yehi kahi tent laga lo. Yaha koi problem nahi hai
  • Me: Acha, uncle agar koi room vgairah ho to mil skta hai kya?
  • Him: Haan mai dekh lunga. Ho jayega kuch na kuch.
  • Me: Ohkay, aur agar khana khana ho to? Aap chaahe paise le lena
  • Young Boy (promptly, while building the walls): Haan mil jayega but Rs. 150 lagenge per plate
  • Me (Sigh): Chalo badya hai. Dhanyawaad.

This was a big relief for us. Although, thing which made us to switch off our phone was lack of electricity. On the top of that, they had no gadgets, gas cylinders or anything we can think of which people use as their daily needs. Even to recharge phone they go down to the city which literally takes 3 hours, one way. Sounds horrible, but then I realized how messed up our lives are compared to theirs, who are living a much better & pure one. On the other hand, we are so deeply habituated to our lifestyle that, even if we want we can not live the level they are into.

trekking triund

Overall, we were much excited of spending night at such a place. Uncle agreed to provide us blankets & a decent living place along with his goats ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes! The place which he offered us were actually being used to tie up his goats & had a big bunch of grass corner side. With a window size door, we could hardly crawl in & stand up inside.

Beside this house was a temple with source of only water a person can have that place. A big hall has been built alongside for the visitors to stay over there. Moreover, one & the only solar light beside the temple.

triund temple

Most of the time, these goats seemed more offensive to share their place with us & often blocked the doorsteps ๐Ÿ˜€

triund trekking
It was hard to move them away!

My brother decided to sleep there however, my plan was to put up the tent & then go sleep inside. All we were waiting for was the dinner.


While Aunty were busy serving us the food, Uncle's attention was to have little rum on doorstep. While eating, we had a light chit chat with both & when we were finished & ready to get out, uncle asked us to stay & talk for a while. Sounds like Uncle were much interested in gossiping with us. Well, we all had a very sensible talk on the people, lifestyles & money. Although, uncle acted way much sensible to me.

Meanwhile, I got to know that they are not the actual owners of the place, instead they are Gadariya's (community of shepherds). They just live there for 3-4 weeks & then continue herding & rearing of goatsย to Triund, Leh Ladakh & totally dependent on their wool, milk & meat.

He told me that, it takes them 20 days to reach Leh. In other words, they are the realย 'NoMads' not someone like Me.

triund uncle

Soon later, we came back to our places to have a nap. I am all sure that my brother had a best time in that small room while I was horrified by scary voices all the night. Yes, I had camped not far from the house, but all surrounded by bushes. I could hear very deep breaths just outside my tent & someone who is messing up with bushes. While all fainted, I pushed up the front & tried to look all the directions. Immediately, I unzipped the chain & came out when I got to know that it was just a buffalo grazing outside. This was a big relief & even good thing to have her beside as uncle had told us that these buffaloes are much daring & can even tackle a leopard. Now another major concern was what if this buffalo ruins my tent & simple walks over me? ๐Ÿ˜€

Hardly by 4 AM, I could have a nap till morning 6 with the beginning a new day ahead & a new story!

After having Dal Rice as breakfast (for first time ever), we packed up our stuffs & took the way to Triund. This was the point, when we stopped regretting our choice of choosing a hard way. Everything around so beautiful & pure that we even forgot to capture them. A mile away was a cafe where we had planned to rest & have tea but unfortunately it was closed.

Triund cafe
Only cafe you can get on the hard way!

With a little disappointment, we continued trekking further. At a place, world was like upside down. We could not see anything down the slope but only clouds. Soon later, it was even hard to see the unpaved road & peaks around. This was not good for all of us. Till now were were judging the way based on the milestones placed my people on peaks like the one below.

triund milestones
Milestones to track the road to Triund

When we were left with nothing, I decided to follow the track which looks much travelled & avoiding others. Within half an hour, we noticed something sitting over the rock as if some person is waiting over there. On a closer look, I figured it out as a vulture. A big one, however flews away as we reached much closer while trekking triund.

triund track
Save this pic & then zoom in to see the creature ๐Ÿ˜€

triund view

triund temple 2

Following many other scenic views like above, we managed to reach a guest house which was now just a kilometre away from the Triund.

triund guesthouse

triund camping

We had Maggie & Tea over here & soon after we got to know that prices are double to their print rates. Although, totally unfair, this is usual thing which happens when you go to such a remote area. I would suggest you bring as much stuff you can when you come to this place ever, or they will rip off your wallet ๐Ÿ˜€

We had to stay there for another hour since it was raining too hard.

After a more 10 minutes trek we reached the Triund point.

triund point
Triund Point

Moment I reached there, noticed something standing right beside me. Trying to come out of the clouds & act like a masterpiece. Those were the great Himalayas of Mani-Mahesh area. I would call it a breath taking view that washed all our tiredness in a very second.

triund mountains

Next was our turn to set up camps & prepare for dinner. Before that, our priority was to go out for washroom which was not available anywhere. Even though, one was built with couple of rooms beside, it was closed for some reason. Last option we were left with was to have it open. Oh! This was against Modi's Swatch Bharat Missions, but were way too helpless that we decided not give it a damn ๐Ÿ˜€

Soon later in a shop, I met a couple from Scotland who offered me a seat beside them. Both of them were much friendly to me & we talked about each other. They had come here for 3 weeks & in first 2 weeks they visited just Dharamshala & nothing else. They said, their moto is only to spend some quality time together & Triund sounds like a best place for it, sounds romantic! isnt?

Another conversation started with a hindi word "Acha Bacha", which literally confused them to "Accha Paacha". Very first, I could not even recognise what they are trying to say! Their cook seems to tell them those words.

They told me that they have come via soft way (from Dharamkot) & then I told them about the hard way. Their question was what is so special about that & what all we can see over there?

Can we see Cows?

Can we see Sheeps?

Oh! I told them, Yes! with way too beautiful landscapes, you may even encounter a beer or a leopard. Immediately they refused the proposal. ๐Ÿ˜€

In another 10 minutes we left the place which a goodbye and an invitation to have dinner together which could not happen unfortunately due to heavy rain outside & made us stick into our camps.

At night, rain was too heavy that we were afraid of our tents getting wasted away with it. Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened & we woke up early morning.

I saw few people from Gurdaspur who came up with their own food material & preparing it on bonfire. They were doing it due to the double rates of every item at that place & they knew about it before coming here.

By morning, we decided to come back via soft road, so we can check out both ways & compare which one was best. Believe me, the hard one was far better than the soft one (via Dharamkot), which had no scenic views, nothing. On the top of that, it took us only an hour to reach Dharamkot compared to the two days journey from hard way, something, no trekker would admire.