Hatu Peak was one of my wish-list & finally did it in month of November, 2016. This trek starts from Narkanda & takes you to Hatu Temple via Road or Trek Trail.

Hatu Peak is the highest peak that falls under Shimla District at a height of 3400 meters

It took us 4 hours to reach Narkanda from Solan, via Shimla. We started our trek by morning 6:00 AM. Although,we had an option to be at Hatu Temple within half n Hour by car, we opted to trek. By parking our vehicle beside the road, we took the trail into the jungle which goes beside the road allover, though.

Complete trek is safe for even a solo trekker. One should keep himself packed with stuff to eat and a water bottle. You will find none of them on your complete travel, except a water kund on the way.

On most of your way, you will find frozen dew allover. One of my friends had it to come over his thirst.

There are numerous scenic spots you will find on your way. A complete himalayan range can be spotted right in front of you & now its you who will have tk figure out that the range is which one.

On your halfway, there is an abandoned house of Gujjar’s which is a good spot to stopby. A small pond with frozed layer of ice of about half inch, believe it could be even better in month of february, when it has only half inch of water level instead of ice.

After a long walk of 1-2 Hours, we managed to reach Hatu Temple by early morning 9.00 AM. We could see most of people coming in their cars, but to be honest, one must try the trek & you wont regret it.

One thing which we were extremely looking for was the water, which we could not find though.

Well, we were at Hatu Temple. A wooden temple dedicated to the Mandodari (wife of Ravana).

Temple’s side-view!
Hatu Temple

There is another story as per local beliefs. Just beside temple there are twin huge rocks, which stands on a cliff of hill. It is believed that Pandava’s during their agyaatvas used this structure for cooking their food.

Pandvas used these two rocks for cooking purpose

They look beautiful though, we even tried to climb them up and we did. Although, I wont recommend anybody to try this out. The bigger structure is way to dangerous, if you still thinking to be there and give it a try, you must watch this video of ours while getting down from the top.

High Rock Cliff at Hatu Peak, Narkanda.

Dinesh Khimta is spokesman here 😀

Hatu Peak offers a very landscape view of varioua Himalayan Ranges. You can spot Shri Khand Mahadev, Kinnaur Kailash, Chaupal & Kullu Valley.

Agyaatvaas Resort

Cottage above is called AgyaatVaas named after the AgyaatVaas of Pandva’s. A beautiful location to make a stay is way too perfect during snowfall. This is also a favourite spot among bollywood celebrities.

Once you are at Hatu Temple, its not just that location you all can visit. Give yourself some boost and continue your trek furtger to reach a wide plain area with cozy grass and set up your camps.

This place is little further to Hatu Temple

Too much to explore into thise woods. We tried Google Maps at that location & were amazed by numerous plain spots deep into the jungle which can be trekked further. All you would want is spare time & little encouragement.

Here are other pictures taken at randon in Hatu Peak.

Frozed Dew

Animal sacrifice such as of Goat is still in practice in this area. Thats where we found a horn of a goat near the temple.

Go(a)t the Horn!