At 120kms from Shimla, Karsog valley is overwhelmed with Temples & its infamous trekkings spots. Karsog city comes up with beautiful step fields which are spread all over the valley. To explore Karsog Valley one must have to travel it from East to West & North to South. Karsog is mainly known for its heritage temples standing with its unqiue architecture. Here, I am writing down the most beautiful & famous places which you should never miss if you have been in Karsog ever.

1. Kamakhya Devi Temple

Situated in Village Kao of district Mandi, this beautiful temple is standing with its unique wooden art & Pagoda style architecture built by local villagers of Karsog.

Kamakhya Devi Temple (Top View)
Kamakhya Devi Temple (Top View)

Around the temple, you can see other ancient buildings made up of stones & wide view of Karsog Valley from upside down. Kao village is at 7km from Karsog city & you will have to drive upwards from the city towards Kao.

Temple is dedicated to Maa Kaali (Maa Durga). According to the story, priest of temple prepare beddings for diety in a small room inside temple every evening. It is said that in morning when priest comes back to the temple & opens the same room where he prepared the beddings, he finds bedding unlike he left it like last evening. People believes that its Maa Kali, who uses it every night.

Room where bedding is prepared every evening

The room stays locked all the day & night & is opened only when preist goes for preparing beddings for Maa Kaali.

2. Shri Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple

Popular for its 81 Shiva Lingams, Mamleshwar Mahadev is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Temple itself was first built my Pandvas during their Agyaatvaas. If you have been planning to be here someday, dont miss these three things:

I) Single Grain of wheat protected in a glass/wooden box. This single grain of wheat is believed to be from Satyuga & this was what being consumed by Bheema.

II) Drum of Pandvas

There is a huge wooden drum handed inside the temple which is belived to be of pandvas

III) 81 Shiva Lingams

In this unique temple, you will find numerous Shiva Lingams of various sizes. There are 81 in total, but all of them are not within the temple, some of them are in neighbourhood & few at other places.

But its interesting to see too many Shiva Lingams at one place especially if you are a Shiva Worshipper like me.

3. Shikari Devi Temple & Trekking

At height of 2850 meters above the sea level. It is a very difficult trek which one can start from Jhenjeli village.

Photo Credit: Bharat Singh Bhadwal

A road has been built up, although its unpaved and too rough, but it goes straight to temple & only accessible in summer. I had been there & you can check out my post about my trekking in Shikari Valley.

4. Mahunag Temple

Dev Mahunag temple is amediable styled pahari temple and it is devoted to Lord Karna, who played very special role in Mahabharata, locally known as Mahunag. It is said that, whenever the devotees are in trouble and they askLord Karna for help, he metamorphoses himself into “MAHU” (Bee) and hastens to their help.

The records of Mandi speak about the temple, which was constructed in 1664 by Raja Shyam Sen ,who was a great devout of Lord Karna.