I have been at Khajjiar, last year (from the date of post), the moment I saw it, it was truly a Mini Switzerland as termed by Britishers at that time. Hardly there could be any place like that in Himachal Pradesh. But days back, my friend Bhavneet told me about one such place which was not that far from Shimla. He kept on telling me that most of the times, the soil of that place looks Red in colour due to the “Bakra Bali” which locals perform at a temple located on the top of hill for their Kull Devta. At first, I doubted him for the reason he referred me Chadwick Falls as not worth visiting. Since, something is better than nothing, I gave it a GET SET along with two of my friends including Bhavneet.

We started late afternoon from Totu (Shimla), weather was much chilled around Kufri where light snowfall happened a day before. On the way, there was lot of site seeing when you cross Sanjauli particularly. It took us half an hour to reach Theog and then for 30 minutes to Sandhu. From Sandhu, before you enter the town, all you have to do is take a right U-Turn to the upside hills & you will be very near to your Mini Switzerland.


Shimla Views

After we took the turn, it was all an unpaved road which ends near an all alone home and numerous apples trees planted beside. In the picture below, the hill peak was our target.

Sianj Apple Plants

It does not look that high until you reach the place. Starting point probably gave us the rough idea about how its going to be like. Wide open area surrounded by dense trees all around (scary though) made us to walk right in the middle of the plain. Basically it was all about peace, more was the peace, more we were alert. Normally, when you have people, homes around, you don’t care about anything unless you realise, there is nothing going to be with you or help you out in case.  But whenever we encountered something like in the picture below, that acted like a sigh for us making us believe that its not a human free area but people often come here for wood & gum.

SianjShimla Beauty

As we keep on moving, Bhanvneet told me about his last trip to the same area when he came here in winter. He had enjoyed sliding down from the top to the small pond which freezes in winter. I wish I could have come at the same time. The pond which comes in the way is not that big, but it would have looked beautiful in frozen state.

Sianj Theog Beauty

Haha, I assumed it as a lake which you find at Khajjiar 😀 .

If you ask me what is best about this place, then its nothing but “Landscapes“. They are beautiful, with core nature touch and when leaves turns yellow, that scene will make your day. Definitely you will love it & if you are with your girlfriend then you deserve a Hug (thumbs up).

Shimla LandscapesShimla theogShimla

Within 30 minutes we were on the top, near to the Devta (lord) Place. In Hinduism, every family, or village, use to have their respective Kull Devta. Devotees worship them in templesin number of ways. One of them is giving “Bali” to Devta. People sacrifice a goat for this purpose on the condition that the goat must agree to the plan. Rituals are performed by chanting mantras, beating Dhols etc. Once Goat agree to it, its taken to the slaughter house and later served to people.

One such traditional house we saw near to the temple.


I wanted to go to the temple, but my friend stopped me from doing that. According to him, only local people are allowed be there who worship them.

Shimla Temple

So we had to watch it from 500 meters away. All we could see were the flags all around the open temple.

Overall, its a too good place to hang around. Every view is scenic that you wont regret.

Shimla Hills
Do you see a house on the edge of hill?
Mekey Salaria Shimla
Do you see me? 😛
Hmm... Let's "sunset" this article!
Hmm… Let’s “sunset” this article!