Nurpur is a city that comes under Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. Wel, once upon, nurpur itself was a state ruled by Pathania clan of Tomara Rajputs. By then, pathankot was the capital of the state Nurpur. Today, pathankot is just another district of Punjab. 

There is another interesting story behind the naming of Nurpur city. Nurpur came from Mughal Queen Nur Jehan. She once visited this town & was so impressed by its richness & beauty that she decided to stay there for rest of her life. 

This worried administration so much because it was like making a peaceful town of Himalayas a centre for Mughals who were dominating & expanding at that time. Finally, they came up with a plan & told Nur Jehan that staying in this town for long will spoil her great beauty. They also told her some mythical diseases that often capture the town. This terrified Nur Jehan so much that she decided to leave. Now since, queen was much impressed with the town’s beauty, Dhameri was renamed to Nurpur. 

Nurpur fort which now stands in ruins was built by Raja Basu at his peak time of 1580-1613. 

Fort is known for the only temple (Brij Raj Swami Temple) in the world where both Krishna & Radha idols are worshipped together. 

Nurpur fort is located outside the city, on top of a hill. Just 30-40 kms from Pathankot, it can be reached on the way to Kangra. 

Fort is worth giving a try if you wants to visit the only temple of the world to worship both Radha-Krishna. If you wants to checkout the army training blocks and to walk on them getting the same feel.