Cultural diversities can be seen all over India. You get to a different state & observe new rituals, wears, looks etc. However, there is a state in India which itself have thousand of diversities & its Himachal Pradesh. Every 10kms in Himachal Pradesh brings you a slightly different traditions and fests. One such fest is celebrated in Dhami every year known as “Pathron Ka Mela”. Dhami is just a small towm located 20kms from Shimla.

“Pathron ka Mela” is celebrated a day after Diwali.

There is a long story behind this fest.

In ancient times, there was a ritual practiced by local tribesmen of Dhami where they used to offer Human Sacrifice to Mata Kali (Hindu Goddess).

Then king of Dhami Province died right on the day of Diwali. As usual, people gave up all their preparations and decided not to celebrte Diwali that year. But this was not Queen wanted. She instead encouranged people to celebrate Deepawali.

Her major decision came next day to Decision when she decided sacrifice herself (Sati) along with her dead husband into the fire. At that time, she told people not to give Human Sacrifice ever again. Instead, form two clans from now on, Royal (Rajput) clan & one of those tribesmen & on this very same day, stand on two opposite sides of this place (where she sacrificed into flames) and pelt stones on each other untill someone get hurts. Then use that blood to offer Maa Mahakali for rituals.

In this way, she successfully stopped a genocidal ritual of past and started a new one, much lesser brutal, in shape of a festival and still full filling ritual requirements (Blood – Quantity doesnt matter).

Thats the overall story of “Pathron Ka Mela”, and this Diwali (30th Oct, 2016) I finaly got a chance to give my presense to this strange festival.

People were gathered in thousands in dhami, and they were sitting on two hills opposite to each other.

Now, that red round structure on the road is the place where Queen of Dhami had sacrificed.

We had reached 1 hour before the festival. Although I am from Rajput Family I was standing opposite to the royal clan. Actually, I did not know which clan is from which side. Before pelting could start, a group of Drummers with few other men tooks rounds of the Queen’s place and climbed up the hill.

Here is a video of complete stone pelting:

“Pathro Ka Mela” – Dhami

In the end Royal Clan won this quest. I could see few of them were growing aggressive and were dint even following the rules. Rule of not getting down the hill or near to that Round Structure.

Blood was offered to Mata Kali Temple as well another small temple at that round structure.

People are advised to be at a safer distance to avoid any major injury. In case, you want to be there, just be safe & yes you can participate in pelting from any clans but on your own responsibility.

Stones use to be massive, and road gets full of them.