This was my sudden solo trip to Agra. From years, I had been reading and listening that Taj Mahal was actually a Shiva Temple called Tejo Mahalaya made by Rajput Ruler Jai Singh and later captured by Shahjahan. I am Hindu myself, on the top of that, Rajput, so I was quite leaned to this statement. But this was not all I needed to convince myself and then things resulted as this trip to Agra.

I boarded a train from Delhi & within next 2 hours, I was at Agra railway station. I was too quick with everything since it was late already. Ticket counter at Taj are opened till 6 PM and it was 4 PM already. Soon I got out of the railway station, a storm of Auto Drivers rushed at me offering different prices to Taj. I decided to book a cab instead considering security. I was quite nervous over there as I heard two ladies talking about their gold chains snitched by motorbike goons.

From Agra Railway Station, it took me 20 mins to reach Taj. I had to walk for 5 mins from East Gate to reach Ticket counters. There are total three gates to enter that area. On ticket counters, again 4-5 people rushed at me asking if I need any guide. At first, I refused them, but they still had some hopes on me. While I was talking to the lady sitting at counter, these people were too much difficult to handle, then I shouted at them until they disappeared from the spot. Believe me, that was a big relief. After getting the ticket, again I had to go back to Cloak Room to submit my luggage. Huh? This was pathetic. They should have set it up somewhere near to counters instead.

Well, I was all set up to enter Taj and much excited. After clearing all check spots, I was finally standing on Taj Front. That Majestic Piece, there is no chance for forgetting those moments in my entire life.

taj mahal front

As my focus was not on visiting all around the Taj and take selfies, but to look for the things I had read and listened till now. A well known journalist P.N. OAK had written a book “Taj Mahal: The True Story” and also petitioned Indian Parliament to declare it as a Hindu Temple, which was refused by Indian Government. Another social worker Amar Nath Mishra also signed a petition in Allahabad High Court, claiming that it was built by Kind Parmar Dev in the year 1196. Again, it could not bring that success as well.

However, place was awesome, if we exclude people doing business over there like guides and auto drivers.

Well, As usual, I was again trolled at Taj 😀

When I was visiting the Taj, I decided to take one picture of myself in front of Taj Mahal. I was alone so no one was there to help. I asked two boys standing next but they misunderstood me of a cameraman 😀 . They were like, no sorry, we have already taken pictures of ourselves. After I told them that I am a tourist, they were making mad faces 😀 . Soon after that, when I was on the way back, I heard one old lady talking to her family.

So now we are going home right? Beta (son), anyhow we are leaving now, let us take a picture of all of us together. See we have a cameraman nearby we can ask for.

The point I heard these words, I looked nowhere and got out of that place.

I tried to look whats making me look like a cameraman. Then I figured out, it could be the camera bag I am holding cross the shoulders, so I took it off 😀

So, before going further with nailing thing, you must have an idea about our Hindu Architecture and Traditions. Since, most of claims are that Taj Mahal was an Ancient Hindu Temple, that too Shiva Temple. My first point was to look for such things, which could be related to Religion. Like religious symbols etc. Then I started looking at the buildings around, starting with the Great Gate. Below is the picture taken followed by the zoomed part.

great gate

great gate zoom

On the very top, you are seeing something similar to Kalalsha (Pot) with two leaves coming out followed by a pointed ending (That’s a Coconut). If we go through the Mughal Significances, there is nothing with can be related to it. Instead, it’s a pot called “Purna Kalsha” in Hindu traditions & being followed from Vedic Period. Moreover, the drawing you are seeing in above image are also of the Purna Kalsha. If you have no idea about Purna Kalsha, this is what it looks like:


It was very annoying by seeing people over there with nothing, just going in watching Taj  and getting back. They had the whole history in front of them. It was not only about the Shahjahan. I know, most of the population around Taj consists of couples. But the question which always comes up in my mind is, how come a person, who married other three, soon after Mumtaz died, can be considered as a great lover?

Let’s have a look at how Mahals in Rajasthan looks like. Below are the pictures of Rang Mahal, Moosi Maharani ki Chatri and Khetri Mahal respectively.




If you look at Rang Mahal, all those corridors & domes at all three corners following the dome, then Purna Kalsha as discussion before. This looks too much like the entry point of Taj which I see.

taj side

entry to taj


That was the point, I felt like

There is no such monument, which does have the architecture like this. Let it be Charminar or any thing. If you talk about Fatehpur Sikri, Qutubminar, Red Fort, its a big NO. Many people have argued on those monuments as well. There are reasons. There is no record of Taj Mahal in Mughal Texts as well.

Compare this image below with Moosi Maharaani Ki Chatri, and see if you have find any similarities.

taj mahal tomb

This one is core Rajasthani Architecture and no one can neglect it. That Purna Kalash on very top, dividers supporting balconies, corridors and everything.

Below is sacred lotus leave carved on one of walls.

taj mahal lotus leves 5

On the top of main dome of Taj Mahal, “Allah” word is carved on Kalash. But the bigger blunder is done at this very same point. At Tajmahal, finial of that dome is carved beautifully on the front floor tiles. It does have everything which is on the top of dome, Kalash (Pot) on the top of one another. On the very top of toppest pot, we have Kalash and Mango Leaves. Guess what is missing? Nothing is carved on this replica of Taj Finial, and yes this is replica of main dome of Taj. Eventually, Shahjahaan missed this thing.

800px-Taj_Mahal_finial-1 TajFinialTiling

The very last point, when I entered the Taj Mahal to visit the tombs of Mumtaj and Shahjahaan, I had few things in my mind. Many people say that there was a Shiva Idol which people use to come and worship. I could see the tombs, but on the very top of tomb, there was lamp tightened at the very top of roof.

taj mahal tomb

ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) is so sensitive that, it does not let you go wearing shoes or without wearing shoe covers near to Taj. So, setting up a hook, that too on main chamber, does not stand a chance. Considering another point of Shiva Idol, yes, there always a pot mounted on top of Shiva Idol which keeps dropping water on it. In my view, this point have got some fact.

This could be an actual Taj Mahal or Tejo Mahalaya instead. What ever it is, our govt. must it very clear to people of India. We should know what we are visiting and seeing something standing in front and not be fooled.

Look, even I don’t know what I just travelled? Taj Mahal or Tejo Mahalaya. That was the reason to keep this post title in that way 🙂

Below are some of scenic views I could manage to capture.

tah mahal 7 taj mahal 1 taj mahal 3 taj mahal 4 taj mahal great gate 6 taj mahal yamuna rover 2 taj minar