One of my God sisters stay at Chaupal, which is around 100 KM from Shimla & towards the famous Churdhar temple. We planned to go there from shimla, and it was a good chance for me to visit both her parents and temple. I have spent most of my lifetime in Himachal, and meeting Himachali’s was nothing like a new thing for me. But this time, I got a chance to visit themĀ & know their lifestyle in deep.

Journey from Shimla was way too swift. Roads are very well maintained that take you through Kufri, Theog to Chaupal. Our first destination was Chaupal. There we had a plan to stay for 2 days and attend a marriage nearby as well. This was my very first time attending a Himachali Marriage too, so I was bit excited. It took us almost 4 hours to reach Chaupal. Roads before 20 kms to Chaupal were in their worst condition. When I asked my sister about the reason, she replied that it happens due to the snowfall. At that point, I convinced myself, else I was ready to have an argument on the ruling political party šŸ˜€

Bubbling on thoseĀ almostĀ unpaved roads, we managed to reach Chaupal finally. I was little frustrated though, and my car had nearly lost things which has to be repaired next. We looked for a repair shop in Chaupal and got front Bumber repaired.

After reaching home, I took bed rest for another 1 hour. Since I was not prepared to sleep, but get out and have a glance on everything. I took out my camera and get out to the balcony. I was staring at a weird building, which was confusing me with a red temple flag on it. I asked uncle about that and he confirmed that its a temple. I was watching temple with such design first ever in my life. At first, I thought its a monastery!


This was totally different from what we see in Shimla or Solan. Purely Pahaadi!