Its been couple of months, I wrote my very last post about Tikkar Taal. Today, I am going to write about my trek to Chadwick Falls. Chadwick falls are located in Summer Hill, 12 kms from main Shimla (Himachal Pradesh, India). I heard about them from one of my friends who at very first said that water is not clean not the area, hence its not worth going out there.

However, I decided to go there the very next day along with my school time friend “Anil Kanwar”. Starting at 12 PM approx from Totu, we were in Summer Hill by 2:00 PM. From Summer Hill Bazaar, we asked locals about the correct route which then took us to an unpaved road, almost out of the city.

Chadwick Falls

As you can see in picture above, it was very harsh road to drive on. On the top of that, there was no sign board, nor any kind of stoppage to let us know about the stopping point in between for Chadwick Falls. For this reason, we droved almost 4 KMS ahead and then came back to a big U turn point, from where locals said us to start the trek.

Starting Point of the Trek
Starting Point of the Trek

It was almost 4:00 PM, with very little sunlight to our side. Low light in the middle of jungle was making everything scary as if we are watching something happening in a horror serial. Believe me, a very thin trek path and huge, long trees covered with plants all over were all adding to it.

chadwick forest

This was the only open bushy space in between
This was the only open bushy space in between

When I was walking through the forest with my friend, my only concern was the Leopard’s which actually exist at that particular area. When I saw that forest at very first, this was the only thing that struck my mind. That was the reason I was too much scared, but still proceeding on my way.

chadwick trek

Now, if you see above picture, one thing you may notice is that we were with nothing. No material was carried by both of us all the way. Well, it was all of a sudden plan, so, we could not prepare ourself at that moment. All we had was a camera and that is it. I was missing my knife too much while holding a thin dead stick.

After a trek of 20 minutes, we finally heard waterfalls which were almost 500 meters from us. Secondly, path from that point was very messed up. We tried 2-3 ways to get down to Chadwick Falls but could not manage to do that. Soon later, when we found another one to try on, we both saw something, which we were expecting from the very beginning.

Guess what? Leopard? Well here it is:

barking deer leopard waste

In the first picture, its a poo of The Barking Deer, & second of The Leopard. Both of these were not far from each other too. The one of Barking Deer was too fresh that I could feel the heat coming out of it lol. It was the same case with Leopard as well. All this gave us a sense that something is happening around us & very need to we both.

To be honest, for a moment, we forgot about the falls, and concentrated our ears deep into the jungle. I was walking ahead of my friend who was carrying a stick behind me. We both were all silent getting down to the falls. At that point, another thing that stroked my mind was that it was the only water source in that area and probably these wild animals could be not that far from here. I considered it as an add-on to my fear. Then within 5 minutes I heard something for the very first time. That sharp roar of the Leopard. I had no idea about what to do, so we decided to stop still, until we verify its real and not one of our delusion. Within 10 seconds, it was confirmed that a tiger is just 500-700 meters away from us and he is not pleased with our entry to his kingdom. So, what could not done at that moment?

First things which hit my mind was “How many leopards could be there?”

a) Single?

b) Couple?

c) or may be a Couple with kids?

“My god, don’t make the third one a correct answer, as it could be the worst we encounter today” –  that what I was thinking all the time.

While getting down to falls & before we encountered the Leopard, I was walking ahead, but as soon we heard his roar, we turned back, so this time, Anil got ahead and I was walking his back. I still remember that moment, when I shouted at him “Anil, let me get ahead”:D

Very quickly, we managed to cover half of the way and reached the same little plain bushy area I mentioned above. All the way, I kept looking at every place. Let it be trees, branches, bushes, upside, downside, backside, rocks etc. Then another thing which had almost given me a heart attack was a prank played my Anil at that f*** place.

He took a stone and threw it into the bushes upside. When that stone started sliding downside making a noise into the bush, I took my bamboo stick and positioned myself in attacking gesture facing upside. WTF! I shouted hard at him, while he was just laughing.

Somehow we managed to get out of that jungle & reached our car.


When I looked back into the jungle, I thought of whatever happened to us as a good thing which could happen at this time. Although we were safe, but if we could have gone down to the Water Falls (which could have taken 1 hour of time), I believe it would have been too late for us to get back. I am assuming this because when I looked back into the jungle after reaching my car, it was all dark, even though time was just 5:00 PM.

May be, if we could have stayed there for another half an hour, and then faced the same roar, may be situation could have been different.

Well, this was how we got trapped for a while and saved ourselves from a grave danger. Although, I still have plans to be there once,but my plan is not to go with 1 or 2, I would need at-least 6 people in my team to be at that place. I would rather suggest you the same thing, if you have been planning to be at Chadwick Falls someday 🙂


Accomplished Chadwick falls, with two of my friends, Bhanu & Anil this time. We were mad to choose different path last time as get stuck in middle of jungle. This time, were lucky enough to find the right path & to my surprise, it is just 500 meters from main road with well wide unpaved road going straight to Chadwick. Here is Glimpse.