Everyone loves travelling, let it be someone from IT, Medical, Defence or just a home-maker. People like to spend their weekend vacations out of the home, looking for better places. Apart from that, there are many around us who are too passionate to make it a career for themselves being a Travel Blogger or else. When it comes to career, there are different approaches to earn out of it. Few of them are like doing:

  • Photography
  • Journalism
  • Writing a Travel Blog

I have seen number of people opting for the first & third option. However, they both are good, I have chosen to write up on Travel Blogger being one of them. I have not much idea about how Photography model works for generating the revenue, but have got good hands on web development and content writing.

Well, before someone starts a travel blog, we could come up with two cases regarding why a particular person opted for it.

  1. He/She damn loves travelling without a second thought
  2. He/She loves it, but have got major focus on the earnings

We will go with both cases together one by one here.


I know few people on-line who started their travel blogs simply to log their trip details while enjoying their journey most of the time. I could say, they were deeply involved with the places they visited, hence, wrote about the experience in much effective way that people could literally enjoy it.

Shivya Nath is one of them, who quit her job at the age of 23 and started travelling the world & she is still on her mission.

Desi Traveler is my personal inspiration to kick-start the travelling. It was the moment I read his blog and about him which fired me up by saying ‘Oh, what are you doing sitting here while others are yelling at you?’.

This blog is getting serious about me and is listed as one of the top travel blogs in India and hopefully we will have a steady long innings.

Above block-quote says all. Man who started travelling while logging all his trips found out later that his blogs have got something for him, which he could utilize and then he did.

These both travel bloggers started up without much focus on the earnings and travel as much they could. That’s the conclusion for this case.

You make up your mind, pack-up your things, keep a descent backup and start nomading. Do not think about if you could make any earning out of it or not. To be honest, you wont make a penny while you are starting up. Not at-least for the couple of months. So, its waste to think about it, making you mind blunder all the time and getting yourself in the middle of “Good or Bad?” scenario. Remember! You are a travel blogger. Keep travelling as much as you can, capture the most beautiful and present it to the world. A stage will come when people starts appreciating your efforts. At that stage, you have got the opportunity to get into the revenues. But still to get a descent revenues, there are some good practices to follow to make it best which I will write about later in this article.


In this case, a traveller is more desperate about money and thinking ways of making it as soon as possible. Well, I do not know any on-line traveller who do that 😀 but its seriously a bad habit which never works out.

A traveller like this mostly do following mistakes while starting up his/her blog:

1 – Making people to like the related social pages or pay to get the followers


This is a very habit for a travel blogger. Many people in excitement, starts up a blog and start asking people to like their social pages or pay someone to get the likes. Such kind of user-base is nothing but dead audience. One must not practise it. What all you need from your page is Social traffic. That traffic will only reach your website if user is really interested in reading it. A person who have got least interest in this topic wont care to click on any link you provide on your page.

So stop doing it!

2 – Putting up so many ads

image copy

Alright! You have beautiful blog to write on, but wait.. You just spoiled it by putting so many ads on web pages, which are so desperate to be clicked on. Bam! your user just bounced back. Since, you were most interested in getting clicks, ads displayed on your website like Popup etc annoyed the user and your interesting post just lost a reader.


Likewise, there are many mistakes which a Travel Blogger do in an attempt to make quick money. Believe me, this crawls to a dead end in most of cases.

So, what could you do to keep everything in the place and making it much better later? There are ways to correct the things, not only tech stuff but a lot more that I will discuss below based on my experience.

When I started travelling last year (from the date of post), I was like one always excited to go from one place to another. But in this hotchpotch, I always forgot to manage few things which are way too important to survive out of your comfort zone.

Many mistakes which I did  as a travel blogger were:

  1. No fund management – This took me to horrible situations when I used to be with nothing. Sometimes, not even food.
  2. No proper tool kits – I never thought about them to be honest. I have went to few places which were way too horrible that I could think about them. There have been places which could make it my last trip of the life even. After 2-3 of such trips I realized to have one proper tool kit which comes up with anything I like to have. It could be a hammer, little saw, rope, water (most important) etc.
  3. Making the blog stable + ongoing – I am still making this mistake, but have got a excuse for that lol. I am not a full time traveller yet, so had to give most of my time to my development work. But if think you are a full time blogger, then keep you blog always up to date. At-least 4 articles a week can lead to a little presence on google & driving you the traffic.
  4. Be honest with what you write – Yes! Write what you really experienced. Your experience could be bad or good though. But it does not mean that you always have to omit the negativity. Make it such a way that its informative for the user & if he goes to the same place in future, he never comes back to your blog just to scold you!


How can you improve your blog to keep it alive in earlier stages? 

  1. Have a simple design which is readable with decent colour combination.
  2. Say no to ads. They are real monsters for a new travel blogger.
  3. Try to get as many genuine followers as you can get. So you do not lead to a situation with a post with 2 likes while you have 2 millions followers of your social page.
  4. Attempt for the organic traffic. Organic traffic is one which you get from search engines like Google, Bing. Make it a priority.
  5. To get nice organic traffic, you need to do a better SEO for your website. Here is a nice collection of SEO Tutorials which can help you out in better way. I assume that you have little knowledge of HTML.
  6. Language plays a role to make your point to the public. A good hand on English is an add-on for your & your blog.
  7. Keep sharp eye on your Travel Blog by setting up analytic tool like Clicky. You must know who is coming to you & what exactly is happening when he reaches your blog. Mostly helps in planning out stuff to make it work where they don’t.
  8. Don’t stop midway – Many people kill their blogs when they see its not working out. For things to work in today, you have to be active and updating the content on regular basis. You have thousands of travel bloggers ahead who are working from many years to compete with.


There are many more points which you can consider to make your blog a success, hence your travel as well. All you need to do is keep calm & start travelling. For any enquiry, information regarding the optimizations, you can leave your comment below and I would be at my best speed to help you out in any possible way I can.


Have a safe journey!