Charminar is heart of Hyderabad & on the top of that, area is too much crowded and busy on day schedules. That was the reason, I planned to ride there by mid-night after watching “Tamasha” movie. Soon I left the theater, my destination was the Majestic Piece “Charminar”. Huge traffic & crowd was my only concern & so far, things were on right track. Traffic was rare and still many shops were open. I was wondering after seeing police vans on patrolling and not objecting on shopkeepers.


Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has currently opted for renovating Charminar. On the name of renovation, what they are doing is just painting up the walls and that’s it. I’m afraid that it would result in lost of that heritage appeal which we get from all these monuments. Event now, when I went their the only Minar which was under renovation, was looking much different from the default three minars. The work is not complete yet, so the final product which we are going to see may be different. Well lets wait for the time to come.


There are number of myths behind the reason for constructing the Charminar, many says it was built when Mohammed Quli prayed god to help them getting rid of plague spread all over the city and then he will build a mosque on the place of prayer. Other says that Nizam built it at the place where he met her future queen “Bhagmati”, however, this theory is completely rejected by Scholars. But even if we go with the first one, its logically incorrect as



Beside Charminar, you will get to see the Patharghati area and Gulzar House. I have no idea about Gulzar house, but was too much impressed with Patharghati. This area is full of shops on both roadsides and is all owned by Maarwadis. At the times of Nizam, these Marwadi’s were just traditional dancers working at Nizam’s palace. Whenever King was impressed by them, he simply used to declare a piece of land on the name of any of Marvadi dancers he was impressed from. Likewise, whole of Patharghati area was gifted to Marwadis and is still on their names.
In old times, all these shops were actually used as residence for Army men. You can still find the entry points for army and exits in this area.

Likewise, there are numerous tales you will get to listen around this area. Interesting fact is that travelling these spots without knowing the history will simply make you get back in next couple of hours. But if you know what you are seeing, you will even admire each and every thing.