Mata Tara Devi Temple is located 20kms from Shimla along Shimla-Kalka highway, near Shogi. There are two ways to access the temple, a well paved road from Shogi where you can board a bus directly to Tara Devi Temple. Another is an unpaved trekking trail that starts 5kms before Shogi, towards Shimla.

LEGENDS: Temple was established 250 years ago by a king from Sen Dynasty. The king always used to wear a locket covering a tiny gold icon in it of Mata Tara. The 94th king, Bhupender Sen had a Bizzare vision of Mata Tara Devi where she expressed her desire to be revealed to people. Then king bestowed his land and prepared a temple for her. Later king Balbir of Sen Dynasty had a vision of her expressing her desire to be established in the top of hill.

Tara Devi Temple
Tara Devi Temple

Then king Balbir got the idol of Mata Tara Devi, prepared from Ashdhatu (one of 8 rate metals found on earth).

He carried the idol of goddess on the massive elephant named“Shiva” from his capital Junga till the temple. This grand establishment of temple was in the Vikram Era in 1825 year. The Sen Dynasty still carry on this tradition of worshipping goddess on the Sharidya Navratri Ashtami each year.

Route: As said, there are two way to be on top, we opted for the trekking trail. You have to walk through dense palm trees offering you landscape views of surroundings.

It is a perfect choice for those visiting Shimla Shia and looking for a peaceful environment and breeze of refreshing dense forest. route is quite clean with up and down slopes throughout the journey.

In the middle is a resting place and it marks the middle point of the complete route.

During the day, you can still find many people going through, even though there is an alternate well paved road from Shogi.

On reaching the Temple, you have to be aware of monkeys as they don’t hesitate to check into your pockets. You may also find langoors on the say, however they are harmless.

There is another Shiv temple downside the temple of you can ask someone for the way. Every Sunday, you can enjoy the Langar hosted by temple committee.

At this point, you can feel the difference between urban hotchpotch and refreshing nature. Hill top offers wide view of Juggar forrest and Shimla standing still in front. So, if its a clear day, you have more to explore.

Shimla View from Tara Devi
Juggar Forest
Juggar Forest

Mata Tara Devi

Jai Mata Tara Devi!