Jot Pass, located 24 kms from Parel & 13 km from Khajjiar, is one of the least visited places among the tourists. People usually get around Khajjiar, Kalatop & get back with a glimpse of Dalhousie. They usually avoid going to Jot & very possible reason is that they do not know much about it.

But let me tell you, if you are nature admirer & wish to spend most of your time out of the world & in peace, Jot is the best spot you might be looking for in Chamba.

How to reach Jot? 

You can take a right turn upside from Parel town & travel further for 24kms. For trekkers, there is a different route from Dainkund with a mere 4-5 hours of decent trek & 300 feets of climb. In case you are at Khajjiar, you can take a 13 kms ride from there itself.

I have been to Jot by road instead of trek though but Trekking could be the best option & worth opting for. Dainkund – Jot trail is the least travelled route with much of the nature touch. Apart, you will have a chance to collect three rivers of Punjab which are Satluj, Ravi & Chenab in a single sight on a clear day.

There is also a campsite in village Talai which is located 4 kms from Jot Pass.

Caping Sites in Jot Pass

You can not predict the weather of Chamba any day. It could change to anything, from worst to best. I left for Jot pass in a sunny morning & reached there with massive snowfall of 1 feet. It was a much of dramatic ride.

On the midway, everything was covered in fog with least on-road visibility.

On the way to Jot Pass

Yes, least visibility which does not mean that it was tragic. This was something making things look beautiful, from road to trees & down slopes. This was amazing, however I was freezing.

Beauty at Jot

Going cold from sunny was somewhat acceptable, who could have thought about snowfall? Really! it was all unexpected, as if someone was just waiting for me to arrive & do the show.

Moment, we reached Jot Pass, fog turned into a stormy snowfall all of sudden. Winds were so speedy that I had to take shelter in a roadside shop while carrying snow on my Jacket & Jeans. Ears were literally frozen & I could rarely feel my fingers. Cup of tea was much helpfull to get me recovered though.

Jot Pass

There are 3-4 roadside shops where you can expect decent food. Climbing uphill from stairs leads to a beautiful view of area along with 3-4 gaddi’s homes built and often left open & alone.

Snowfall at Jot Pass

Overall, Jot could be the best option for a day camping. Atleast best in Chamba. Instead of staying in hotels, one must have a look at this amazing place & give it a try.