This is one of my best trips to Srisailam. We started on the day before Diwali, 10th November from Paradise, Parklane area. By evening, I started riding with three of my other friends and by 9 PM, we reached Srisailam road, near to L.B. Nagar. This was going to be my first trip to Srisailam, but I had heard from my friends that it is an awesome place to visit once in the lifetime. Now, you must believe me, This was such an awesome trip that I could recommend you to take it on, if you are really thinking about Srisailam this moment.

After reaching L.B. Nagar, we purchased some stuff to eat in the mid-way. We had some snacks, and of-course, a big bottle 😉 . From L.B.Nagar onwards, traffic was quite OKAY, unlike the once we suffered from Paradise to  reach this area. A 4 lane highway was an added relief to we people. In the middle, somewhere, we packed Bariyaani and moved on

So, we finally started on a good highway, and reached Kandukuru, Khammam District. There was very less traffic on-road. We took our vehicle off the highway and into the jungle via an unpaved road. Deep into the jungle, we parked our car, took out our stuff, and were all set-up for a good time. Believe me, this is the very first thing, people do who drink 😀 . Let us move to next part full of images and everything 😉

Above, you can have an idea about what exactly we did. Soon, we were done with all this stuff, we started moving towards Srisailam. We had hardly covered around 70 kms, when we encountered a police check post ahead. So, be careful, dont repeat what we did, we were drunk already. Only the one driving the car dint had it. Knowing this, we were least worried as well. But, we all have a common experience when we meet corps on road, they look for rupees.

Initially, I came up and asked him, if there is anything wrong? Since driver was all perfect. But he started arguing. My friend came up and handled the stuff anyhow. At-last, policeman asked us to write our details in their log book and was good to let us go ahead. But I did a blunder over there. Since, I was much unconscious, I went up-to him, wrote all my details perfectly and then took a picture of him. I know, that was the most weird moment, even for me, as I soon I took that, I realised “WTF I just did?” 😀 . Then that policeman took my camera and asked me why did I do that. I said him that I am a blogger and just took that to put it over there with no wrong intentions. Then  he checked the image and noticed that he have got no face in it, and returned it. But whatever I could get, I can show you below.


So, this was the one weird moment. I had another one too 😉 . We continued our journey and it was around 1 AM. No traffic on road, but in between, at few points, road was under construction, but that was a kind of OKAY. After 1-2 hours, we reached at another checkout. That was the last checkpoint, but unfortunately they close the road by 9 PM. So, they did not allow anyone to go ahead. We were stuck, and had to be there till morning 6:00 AM. We took a U-Turn and went around 500 meter back. There beside a Mosque, we parked our car and planned to sleep there itself. We had little of BP left, so I took over, finished it, kept the bottle on top of car, went inside, and slept. But after 30 minutes, we spotted an army jeep coming towards us. At first, we were like OKAY, but one of them came in front of car, loaded his AK 47 and asked us to get out. We were like, WTF! But soon they realized that we are normal tourists and not some naxalites 😀 . They checked our car completely, to see if there is any alcohol or weed. Weird thing was that they couldn’t figure out the bottle kept on top, but my socks. I had kept them beside driving seat just to irritate my friend out of the smell. One of those corps looked at the socks and asked “Where are the shoes?”. Hahah. That was the funniest moment. We replied “They are outside of the car!”. He asked us “Why are socks here and shoes outside?”


We were like, why do he even care about such a stuff! I hope they were not drunk. Whatever, it  was an amazing and tensed moment together. We moved to a better place where few shops were open just beside that barrier, after they left us.

Next morning when I woke up, we were already on the way. Weather was so chilled, that I could never expect nearby Hyderabad. We decided to stop somewhere in between to get some pictures. meanwhile, two of my friends went into the jungle taking some water with them. Now you can have a better idea about what they might have done over there. We decided to take some pictures.

By now, Srisailam was not that far from our reach. Our target was to reach Srisailam before 10:00 AM and we were almost near to achieve that. While having Idli-Bada on the way, we continued to see the famous Srisailam Dam.



Water level of Krishna river was not that high to see the majestic water fall out of the dam, but it was quite awesome to see the naked version. From this point, Srisailam was around 20 kms and we were out of time. We decided to move on, and it took us around 46 minutes to reach Srisailam Town.

Welcome to Sri Sailam & Jai Bhole Nath!


Srisailam town, is just like other small towns you find in rural Andhra Pradesh, and its mainly famous for the one of the 12 jyotirlinga’s, known as Mallikarjunam. Sadly we could not get a chance to visit as there was huge crowd and we could get a turn by night, so we moved ahead and looked to book a safari. But even that was unfortunate thing, they were charging too much for that which was not even worth.

Then we found out Boating and Cable railway. Cable railway was not that interesting and those cabins were nearly outdated. We opted for both Cable Railway and Boating. Cable railway boarded us near to the bank of Krishna River, from where we were ready to get a ride on boat, but, in meanwhile, one person offered us Speed Boating, and we were like “Hell Yeah”! Believe me or not, this one was the awesome Speed Boat ride I ever had in my entire life. The guy controlling the boat, did many stunts in the middle of river, and we were simple shouting like hell. Boating would get you the real majestic view of Srisailam Dam, as it passes nearby.


One thing which I must say is that whenever you go out somewhere, don’t just go to the destination and get back. Try to look left or right in the middle. There are the chances to spend incredible moments many times. We did the same thing and you wont believe what all we did!

While getting back from the Srisailam Town, we reached the bridge that is around 30-40 kms from main Srisailam town. We decided to stop our car there and have bath in Krishna River, right near the dam Front. Me and Mahesh were much excited about this thing. Other two dint know swimming so they were expecting nothing out of it. Anyways, we all went right side of dam, after crossing the bridge. That location was accurate to have a bath, since there was no one, calm and beautiful. You should never miss it if you are planning to be at Srisailam.

At that place, we met a fisherman who agreed to give us a ride on his rounded boat. We did a deal and joined them. He took us in the middle of river and showed us some amazing spots. After reaching the opposite side, we decided to have bath there. He warned us not to go in the middle. We both got ourself prepared and ready to dive in. I was swimming after 10 years, that’s why I was bit afraid as well. But, being a RAJPUT isn’t that easy as well 😉

Water level was much deeper, the moment we stepped out of the rock, into the water, we din’t feel anything beneath ourself. You must be careful, at such a time, even if you are a perfect swimmer. That water was pushing us below those rocks many times, but overall, we enjoyed the moment. You can better watch them in these videos below, and promise me you wont make fun of my diving style.

After, all those swimming stunts, we asked fisherman if he wants to get us the only fish he captured that day. He was positive, so we took it and payed him 200 rupees for everything. He asked us for 50 more, and then we asked him if there is any ATM nearby. He gave a smile and left us 😀 .

We collected bunch of woods from nearby and put the fish on fire. It was my very first time to have fish this way. But we finely managed to cook the fish in Cave Man’s style, and seriously, it was fu**in awesome. We had everything except her mouth, eyes, lips, nose, gills, and stomach 😀



After having it, we decided to ride back to Hyderabad. On the way back, we were so tired and could not even manage to speak to each other, in the way, we were coming here. The experience we had there was amazing. Nice views, weather, locations and yes, you will also find a Sulabh Shochaalyaa (Jahaa Soch Waha Shochaalyaa) 😉


But overall, this experience was so different and exciting that this made me to start a travel blog, and hell yeah! This is my very first post you are reading, for this blog 😉