Sadhupul was one of my bucket lists, which I had travelled once but that was just like a “Hit & Run” case. Sadhupul is also one of the 7 places to visit if you are on your way to Shimla from Chandigarh. It comes on the way to Chail & is almost 12kms from Kandaghat, Solan. You have to take right diversion from Kandaghat Railway Bridge to be at place.

When I started for Sadhupul, it was a cloudy and much cold day to ride on bike.

Scenic Views Offered On Road

Road to Sadhupul is almost traffic less where you have to be too much careful on sharp turns. Since, its not that wide, any vehicle, especially trucks, coming from opposite side may get a close touch. Another thing I noticed was Graffiti of “Jai Sita Ram” on every block which could be used beside road.

DSC_0130 copy DSC_0133 copy

Most of the people I saw coming this place were either couples or group of friends, rather than families. Place is best for friends to make a day hangout and have lunch together in water. Yes, people over there have made arrangements to sit on chairs placed in river and also if someone is looking for adventure, they have installed an adventure camp nearby too.


Adventure Camp Sadhupul

What more you expect from this place? Scenic views, so that you can grab best pictures of your time spent? Yes, you can, but at this time when I was all set to capture few best shots, I founded out construction work going beside the river bank. Nothing but just filling of concrete and spoiling the natural value of spot.

Let it be a Temple or some tourist spot, government is too busy in making them better but at the same point, loosing its natural appeal. Why most of people come to Himachal is to get into the nature, peace and beauty. If they would have been coming to see the beautiful constructions, I believe, it could be a better option to stay away like in Chandigarh and admire Sukhna lake.

That small bridget is called Sadhupul

Sadhupul Restuarants
Sadhupul Cottages