Gorkha fort standing at Nauni, leaves footmarks to its glorious past of Nepali Gorkha Rulers. However, fort is not too big, and just stands in form of walls, it must have served its purpose as a watch tower. At present, only one corner does have a partial roof top, and rest all is in open space. This was my second time trying to reach on the top hill. At very first time, we lost our way and then decided to get back in evening. This time, I was travelling solo and looking for no chance to miss it. I enquired most of locals regarding route and time it may take. Time I started from Nauni was 12 PM, with a estimation of 5 hours of trekking.

As soon I left from home, I was greeted with sheeps all over the road.

Sheeps on road
Sheeps all over

From Solan, it took me 20 minutes to reach Nauni. Road from Solan to Nauni is in average condition though its registered as National Highway.

Road to Nauni
Road to Nauni

Best place to have breakfast at Nauni, if you are hungry is Nirmal Coffee House. I have been trying their food since last 2 years. Go for Sandwich or Pranthas, they taste awesome.

In the very shop, I asked shop owner about the route to Gurkha Fort. He suggested me two routes to go with. One was a trun 500 meters before nauni, and another one was from 2-3 kms after Nauni. The one after Nauni takes you much nearer to the fort, where you only have to climb, few meters. That was not my choice, so I opted for the one which comes before Nauni Chawk & I don’t regret it.

Unpaved road heading to Gorkha Fort
Unpaved road heading to Gorkha Fort

Even though, road was in its worst condition from Nauni, I continued my journey on bike. I was praying for my bike at that time. What if it get punctured at that spot? I could have been stuck there for a day. As I believed in my bike, it worked out well all over the route 🙂

I could not see any home around during the most of my ride. There were some points which actually scared me out. Only thing coming in my mind at some points was I should not encounter any Leopard over here.

DSC_0013 copy
On the way!

In the middle, I encountered a beautiful place, which was a ground at a turning point. I could have camped there if I was not travelling solo. Place was too open and had many scenic views. Something, I was not expecting.

DSC_0019 copy
I wish I had my tent here, not my bike

After a tough journey of 1 hour, I finally arrived at a village from where I was supposed to start climbing. There is a good route to go with, which takes you straight to the fort with couple of diversions in between. But I missed that route and climbed up the hill from some random spot. That was a mistake, which could have been resulted into a tragedy. That hill was very steep where it was way too hard to maintain balance. One slight slip and I am dead. Route which I was following was only half meter wide but somehow, I managed to reach top of the hill. On the way, I could see bundles of grass, stored by locals to feed their cows.

Grass Bundles Stored by Locals
Grass Bundles Stored by Locals

As I continued over the hill, without a proper route, I was almost lost in the woods. Naked tracks were much ok for me, but as soon I had to get into the woods, I tried to keep my helmet up, holding a wooden stick with a position to tackle any attack 😀

Good thing about getting the wrong route was, I received one of the beautiful scenic views which I might have missed in other way.

DSC_0030 copy DSC_0051 copy

I had almost lost my track. At a point, I thought of getting back and then come back some other day. But my will did not let me do that. I searched and searched which finally came up with a link route to the main path. That was a big relief for me. As I walked another 1 km, I encountered 3 kids sitting roadside. They were too young and could be of around 12-14 years old.

Soon they saw me and especially my camera, they got too much excited. I asked them the way to fort, but they were much more interested in travelling with me 😀 . I must admit that these kids made my day. At very first, they set up their charges with different prices. One of them said, I would need 10 rs, another one asked for 15 rs and the third one for 10 again. However, this was not something static, they kept changing their prices all over the journey 😀

gorkha fort, nauni
Kid without pair of Teeth was too funny!

DSC_0036 copy

Now we were 4 in total, with loads of gossips about everything we were encountering ahead. One of them was a small ruined bunked kind of thing, which could have been used as rest house in past. But what I heard from these people was here used to be a Baba who later died in a small ditch.

DSC_0037 copy
Baaba ka ghar | Courtesy – Three Kids
Gorkha Fort Nauni
A skull beside Baba ka Ghar

Well, since I was with no bottle, I was almost drained off. If you have been ever planning to be here, make sure you bring 2-3 water bottles, as there is no place where you can get it, untill to reach down hill. Luck was my side, as I had these kids, they took me to a place down the hill, like around 500 meters down from baba ka ghar. There was a small pit, I could use to get water from.

That place was way too scenic and best one to make a night out. I could not take a picture, since camera was not with me at that moment. But my purpose was fulfilled.

nauni fort
Water Droplets turned to Ice
Nauni fort
Govt. planned bus stop at this point. Glad that project got cancelled.

We continued walking over the woods for another half an hour till we reach the Fort. As I said in the beginning, its not a big fort, only the frontal part makes some appearance. There are around 4-5 chambers inside and all are roof-less. Only one of them is left with partial roof top. At the centre of the fort, there is a big tank which could be used to store water at that time. From left of this tank, there are stairs to go upside.

gurkha fort nauni
Front View of Gorkha Font
Gorkha Fort nauni
View from Downside
Gorkha Fort Nauni
Entry Gate
Gorkha Fort Nauni
Deep Water Tank
Gorkha Fort Nauni
Ruins of Interior Blocks
Gorkha Fort Nauni
Gorkha Fort Nauni
View from Top
Gorkha Fort Nauni
Side View from Top
Gorkha Fort Nauni
Tree in Courtyard

While getting back from the fort, nature came up with a wonderful gift for us to admire. It was too cold, at backside of fort, that all water on road was turned into ice. At first sight, it was like rainfall have just happened only at that particular area.

Nauni Fort
Ice Ice & Ice

Winter season is the best time to visit this place, especially December or January. Have got some plans to have insights?

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