Previously, I had written about my attempt to Chadwick Falls which had failed miserably. Well, once again we planned to be there but in number of 3 compared to 2 of last time.

My another friend (Bhavneet) who was new to Chadwick took the lead but this time again, we were on the wrong track. Bhavneed heard something suspicious and warned both of us to stay idle for a moment. At a verly slow pace he started strangling into the bushes next to us. We were like “Not again”. But, all it was a wild hen/cock (can’t really tell you the gender).

Afterall, we continued from where we stopped. Meanwhile, we found out the correct road that goes straight to Chadwick Falls. That made us to reach down diagonally from out position to the road. To our surprise it was a well tracked path and much wider and nothing like you are into the woods.

Moment when we were examining bushes for wild, a couple was already on the way to Waterfalls without any sign of worry. That was weird 😀

After a mere walk of 5 minutes, we reached Chadwick Falls.

Water quantity was not that much, but falls are high, reall high. Sound that falling water makes, gives a freshness & may ask you to visit again. 

There is a small shelter made for people to come by & rest. 

Chadwick Waterfalls, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh