Imy previous article I had written about my bike ride from Chandigarh to Haripurdhar and futher to Rohnat.

As said, few kilometers from Rohnat, I had lost my way & then went to the correct path after asking someone on the road. Well, after that, I was on the way to Chaupal atleast and was a big relief. Going straight from that bridge got me on a very narrow road with a very steep hill. At the same time, I had to keep up with the speed since it was late night, 10:00PM.

Middle somewhere was a shop yet opened, a small sweet shop. Decided to gave some rest to myself and get over the cold by having sone tea, I thought it as a good option to again ask shopkeeper about road conditions.

Mistakenly, he thought that I want to go to Chandigarh & told me about a way that is much plain, highway and much better to travel at this time. I was enlightened untill he said that I will have to go through Raipura.

Raipura? Isn’t it in Haryana?

Yes – he replied, that will take you straight to Chandigarh.

Oh man! I am going to Shimla & asking you about that.

After a short silence, he replied – Shimla? At thia time? You shiuld make a stay in Chaupal. At-least at this time, its not safe to travel, that too on a bike.

This was again demotivating. However, after teatime, I kept riding my way to Chaupal.

Afterall, it was just 30-40 kms more. Good thing was that a petrol pump on the middleway, where I fueled up my bike.

By 11:00pm, finally managed to reach Chaupal. Chaupal market was closed except couple of shops. One was a fast food store and another one a general store just opposite to it.

I stopped my bike at fast food store, asked them about same thing (road). A bou with bit of punjabi accent came to me & replied the same – Its dangerously dangerous.

Oh man! No body? No body who can motivate me atleast?

Its all jungle ahead unlike what you have travelled till now. Moreover, temperature is at least to freeze you up. What if you take the wrong turn? He kep on asking.

Wrong Turn! I had watched all parts of movie “Wrong Turn” lol.

At this time, my major concern was woods. I can ride any road, but riding into the dense woods? I am afraid to ride it even in daylight. I havefelt it even in my treks where I use to be alone and then had to walk through the bushes.

Density in forest covers up everything that is just beside you and when you are alone, you can expect anything to happen to you at any time.

So, finally I decided to gave up again & decided to stay in Chaupal till morning.

Me: Can I get room around at this time?

Him: Yes, I can ask them for you. (Went to that kirana shop opposite to his shop)

Me: How much would it be?

Him: 200INR

Me: Only 200? Ok thats fine, get one for me please. 

Him: You can also get one for 700 that will have TV.

Me: Nah, I think without TV is ok (Man, I have a smarphone lol)

So, he showed me the room which was much better. But insane thing that happened was as soon I get into the room, after 5 minutes that guy switched off the power supply?

What? Seriously? You dont even offer electricity at 200INR?

I really wanted to charge my phone for next day 🙁

However, I woke up at 8:00 AM, got freshed up, took my bike & started for rest. It was 100km more to ride.

This time, I could see what I was suppose to go through at night.

Imagine you are at this point at midnight and there is no human presense or vehicle going by side. I believe, I had made a good decision by making a stay.

From Chaupal onwards till Deha, road is messy but after Deha you can expect a wide highway that goes straight to Shimla.

Throughout the way, you can enjoy various landscape views and will be making you to stop at most of turns.

Middle somewhere, there is Mata Kali Mandir roadside in Deondar, where you will have to climb 2kms up. This temple is located on a hill peak and a must visit temple. Temple is actually dedicated to a kull devta of locals.

View of surroundings from temple is seriously breathtaking.

Moment I reached up there was no body there except a local who was preparing something for the goddess.

Apart from temples, you can find many Sadhu’s on the way who lives in their Ashram’s roadside.

At Sianj, I stopped at a Dhaba for food and phone charging. From there onwards, you I speeded up for Theog & then Shimla. Road was under construction at many points.

Grass bundles were all over the hill, which people use to feed their cattles.

From Theog onwards, there is not much to see. Kufri is the place where you can spend couple of hours. I have been there many times so I bypassed Kufri. By 11:00AM I was finally in Shimla.

This whole two days trip was exhausting but at same times Himachal does not let you feel that.

In my entire journey, I learned that if you want to get more out of journey, give a chance and time to yourself to explore every minor thing you encounter on your way. These small things comes with greater knowledge about people and surroundings.

At many occasions I presented myself to locals as if I am new to Himachal, just to let them tell me more & more about the areas etc & I succeeded to much extent.

Well, this complete bike ride gave me a new hairstyle too.